Learn DALUBHASA's Easy Tagalog

Learn DALUBHASA's Easy Tagalog

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Описание приложения

Classic Theme Looking for resources on studying Tagalog? Learn how to construct basic and advanced Tagalog sentences by familiarizing Tagalog affixes, nouns, verbs, adverbs, and adjectives and more. Learn Tagalog grammar in order for you to create sentences on your own. The structure of this app is teach you some Tagalog words first before greetings then diving into grammar. This app is more than just a dictionary. Learn conversational and useful common and advanced Tagalog words that most Filipinos use and that have examples of sentences with English Translations, and audio recorded by native Tagalog speakers in almost 50 categories. Search function is also included in this app. This app has a built-in Music Player which includes Tagalog Songs, lyrics with English Translations. This is also more than just an audio book, eBook / e-Book or phrase book / phrasebook. This is a source of thousands of Tagalog words that you can use everyday. Learn great but in simple ways. You can also learn Tagalog slang and Taglish. Practice Tests are also included. You can also choose between Easy or Difficult when saving your Favorite words and phrases so you may review them later. Learn Dalubhasa's Easy Tagalog app is designed for beginners, intermediate and advanced Tagalog learners. It is also best designed for non-native Tagalog speakers who wish to learn Tagalog in conversational, formal, informal and native ways so you can talk to Pinoys easily. This is a quick way to learn and could be the best resource for Tagalog grammar, to speak, read and write in Tagalog. You can be fluent in Tagalog in no time. Simply learn. Be conversational. Learn fast. Learn how to speak and write in Tagalog and make Pinoys say wow! Comprehensive. Might be complete. Almost perfect! (Nothing and no one is perfect though... Lol) This app includes the following categories : The Basics Part 1 1. Numbers Part 1: This lesson consists of cardinal numbers. Many kids learn numbers after learning how to call their parents. 2. Numbers Part 2: This lesson consists of cardinal numbers in Tagalog-Spanish. Remember that counting in Tagalog-Spanish is very common in native Tagalog speakers. 3. Ordinal Numbers 4. Time 5. Calendar 6. Colors 7. Markers And Conjunctions 8. Basic Pronouns 9. Questions 10. Exclamations The Basics Part 2 1. Greetings 2. Basic Conversation 3. Prepositions 4. Directions 5. At The Bus / Train Station 6. At The Restaurant 7. Shopping 8. At The Hotel 9. Emergency 10. Shapes Advanced 1. List of Common Words: You will be familiarized with the common Tagalog words you may hear in the Philippines everyday, even on Philippine national television. 2. Advanced Conjunctions 3. Advanced Pronouns 4. Roots and Affixes : Let us make verbs from nouns, nouns from verbs, nouns to adverbs and more. 5. Verbs Affixes 6. Verb Tenses 7. List of Verbs 8. Structures of Adjectives 9. List of Adjectives 10. Taglish 11. Sentence Patterns 12. Active and Passive Voices Expat 1. Family 2. Romance / Romantic 3. People 4. Fruits 5. Vegetables 6. Fishes 7. Animals and Insects 8. Food 9. Health 10. Clothing 11. Places 12. Work Native 1. Idiomatic Expressions 2. Slang 3. Built-in Music Player which includes Tagalog Songs, lyrics with English Translations (Basic Search function, 21 Categories from The Basics 1 to The Basics 2 with related Practice Tests are already included for FREE) (Advanced Search function, Additional 26 Categories from Advanced to Native with related Practice Tests are already included for one-time payment) *** Enjoy learning! Keep learning! Live and learn! Learn everyday! *** Developer : JunJun S. Hernandez Address : San Pablo City, Laguna, Philippines 4000 Email : hernandezjunjun28@gmail.com Voice Talent : Kimberly Rose F. Kalaw Address : San Pablo City, Laguna, Philippines 4000