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Описание приложения

At Bilingy, we are looking for ways to make language learning as quick, painless and intuitive as possible. All of us speak multiple languages, most of us are living in foreign countries - therefore we have first hand experience in language learning and teaching. What we are: Bilingual - Key to our philosophy is using two languages side by side, translated as precisely as possible so you can always cross check in your monther tongue if something doesn’t make sense.

 Bendable - turn your screen to horizontal to get both languages displayed side by side. Unique - all our content has been created exclusively and with the sole purpose of helping you learn faster. Our main characters, Anna and Ben, their friends and colleagues are featured throughout BILINGY. We start with really simple dialogues and then guide you through all kinds of daily situations - Meeting friends and family, being in the office, at a restaurant, in a hotel, at the airport and many more.
 Systematic - our texts are building up a vocabulary of 5,800 words, from the very beginning of ‘the’ and ‘hello’ in Level 1 to complex discussions about science and politics in Level 5. Each word is also featured in a vocabulary list to help with your revision.
 Audible - our native speakers are initially pronouncing everything very slowly and clearly - this might sound a bit odd, but we did this deliberately so you get the pronounciation right from the start. Later, they are speeding up - and your learning will too! What we are not: A game app - we started by building out the linguistic framework, which is also available on our website, in ebook format and now on this app - as a way of quickly accessing our material. The right place to only learn 10 words - while we start with some really easy dialogues which would indeed teach you ten words, we want to make you proficient for your daily life abroad and help you through all kinds of situations. The right place to learn grammar - if you are studying for exams in school and university and need to revise grammar, we are not the right place for you. Many complicated tenses and constructions are not actually used so much in real life and we don’t want you to waste time unnecessarily. What we will be when we ‘grow up’: We are adding more languages - let us know (at which languages you’d like to learn so we can prioritize them. We will be adding some grammar - in our painless Bilingy Way - just the most relevant structures and with plenty of exercises so you can be learning by doing instead of learning by memorizing.