Baby Sleep

Baby Sleep

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  • Дата выхода: 2009-08-29
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Описание приложения

Baby Sleep by SavySoda™ • 70% OFF. SALE EXTENDED FOR A LIMITED TIME • • LAST CHANCE TO GRAB IT AT THIS PRICE • The ONLY sleep app designed specifically for new borns! Soothing sounds to help your new born sleep! Scientific research has shown babies under the age of three are comforted by familiar sounds of "Womb Music". These type of sounds help aid babies fall asleep. This application developed around the research generates 8 different ambient noises that represents the sound of the mother's womb to the baby. Sounds Include: • Womb • Gentle Vacuuming • Hair Dryer • Water Running • TV White Noise • Ocean Waves • Tumble Dryer • Electric Fan These sounds, when used in conjunction with other newborn relaxation techniques will aid a newborn into deep sleep. This helps in healthy development of the baby particularly under 6 months of age. Backed by scientific research and already used by thousands of parents all over the world. Now both you and your baby can sleep soundly and wake up happy and relaxed. ••• Why BABY SLEEP is better than other ambient noise apps and sleeping apps? 1. Unlike other ambient sound apps, Baby Sleep is designed specifically for babies under 3 years of age. The generated noises all use gentle low frequencies which are calmer to the baby. 2. The sounds have been thoroughly tested for effectiveness. Our sounds are: - Natural and Safe - Of the highest quality - In Stereo to create dynamic atmosphere - Based on contemporary infant research - Baby tested 3. We are parents too and we use Baby Sleep on our own kids. ••• In addition to using Baby Sleep, the following techniques should be used to ensure maximum effectiveness: 1. Identifying when the baby is tired. Signs to look for include moving away from you, stiffness of movements, general unhappiness, yawning and attempting to disengage. 2. Ensure the baby is full, tired, and has had nappies changed prior to going to sleep. 3. Wrapping the baby before sleep and ensure the baby is in a sleeping environment. (i.e. the bedroom, not the lounge) 4. Gently rocking the baby and giving it a few pats on the back until it falls into deep sleep. We hope you've benefited from using Baby Sleep as much as we have. Remember, a happy baby starts with a happy parent. I wish you and your newborn all the best. Baby Apps