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  • Дата выхода: 2010-06-29
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  • Разработчик: Autospeed Performance, LLC.
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Описание приложения

Introducing SpeedPORT(r), a revolutionary application created for auto enthusiasts. SpeedPORT allows you to switch performance profiles of your vehicle's Engine Management Software, Scan Diagnostic Trouble Codes, Reset Check Engine Lights, View Engine Parameters Real-time and more! --------------------------------------- SpeedPORT was developed by AutoSpeed to complement the line of performance tuning software for Audi, Volkswagen and Porsche automobiles. The SpeedPORT application has 3 main functions: Profiles, Scan Codes and DataDASH. --------------------------------------- **PROFILES** To use this module owners must have their Engine Management Software upgraded by an authorized SpeedPORT(r) reseller. Please visit www.speedport.us for availability, profiles offered for your vehicle and the location of the nearest flash center. Once a customer vehicle is flashed with our performance software; in a typical scenario, users can switch the program of their car from "Stock" mode to high performance modes. The performance profiles are based on fuel octane levels. Each profile gains tremendous torque and horsepower across the rpm range as programmed by our expert tuners utilizing our in-house dynamometer. Users can also select "Valet" mode which reduces power output to a fraction of stock levels. This allows you peace of mind while giving the keys of your vehicle to family, friends or valet drivers. Lastly all performance programs include a "Theft" mode which renders the vehicle disabled, making it impossible to start with or without the key. Users must enter a 4 digit pin code to "unlock" the vehicle from the protected Valet and Theft modes. --------------------------------------- **SCAN CODES** Use SpeedPORT(r) to diagnose and RESET your Check Engine Light. You can access your car's onboard diagnostics system to read/clear stored and pending Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs). The fault codes are translated using our built-in OBD-II Codes database of more than 2000 Codes! Our database includes manufacturer specific codes for VAG vehicles not generic descriptions. This eliminates the need for external OBD-II Code translation and gives an accurate result saving you valuable time and money in diagnosing potential problems. --------------------------------------- **DATADASH** Use SpeedPORT(r) to display up to 5 engine parameters simultaneously in real-time. The parameters available for display and recording are dependent on the specific make and model of your vehicle's engine management software. Parameters can be recorded and stored on the device in csv format making analysis and charting in external spreadsheet programs easy. Typical Parameters are: -Calculated Engine Load -Engine Coolant Temperature -Short Term Fuel Trim % -Long Term Fuel Trim % -Intake Manifold Absolute Pressure -Engine RPM -Vehicle Speed -Timing Advance -Intake Air Temperature -Mass Air Flow Rate -Throttle Position -Barometric Pressure --------------------------------------- **DISCLAIMERS** 1.SpeedPORT REQUIRES a wireless interface to function and communicate with your car's onboard diagnostics system. The wireless interface is sold separately. Please see www.speedport.us to find a reseller 2.The Profiles module only functions with vehicles that have had a SpeedPORT performance program loaded. Performance Programs for the profile module are sold separately and must be installed by an authorized SpeedPORT(r) reseller, please visit www.speedport.us for availability. 3.The Scan Codes and DataDASH modules function on most vehicles manufactured from 1996 to present and do not require a performance program to be present. 4.SpeedPORT has only been tested and is only approved for use on Audi, Volkswagen and Porsche automobiles. --------------------------------------- The SpeedPORT application user manual can be found at www.speedport.us/app



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