Blinkist: Читай больше

Blinkist: Читай больше

Разработчик Blinks Labs

  • Категория: Education
  • Дата выхода: 2013-11-13
  • Текущая версия: 5.2.1
  • Adult рейтинг: 12+
  • Размер файла: 98.91 MB
  • Разработчик: Blinks Labs
  • Совместимость: Требуется iOS 11.0 или выше.
Оценка: 4.5
368 Рейтинг

Описание приложения

10 миллионов пользователей уже читают больше 4-х книг в день вместе с Blinkist. В приложении доступны ключевые идеи из более 3000+ книг, в аудио и текстовом формате. Ты можешь получить знания в области истории, психологии и менеджмента всего за несколько минут в день. Приложение подходит для изучения и практики английского языка, так как весь контент публикуется только на английском. ===================== Бестселлеры The New York Times уже доступны в приложении: · Тара Вестовер “Ученица” · Мишель Обама “Становление” · Тревор Ноа “Родился преступником” · Юваль Ной Харари “Sapiens. Краткая история человечества” · Мелинда Гейтс “Момент подъема” ===================== Что предлагает Blinkist? · Идеи из 3000+ книг   · Более 28 категорий: финансы, саморазвитие, технологии и другие · Аудио и текстовый формат - выбирай удобный тебе · Возможность ускорять или замедлять скорость речи в аудио · Cоздание заметок и их импорт в Evernote · Подборки книг от Билла Гейтса, Арианны Хаффингтон и других · Офлайн версию приложения Начать легко. Просто загрузи приложение Blinkist. ===================== Вопросы? Пожелания? Ты всегда можешь написать в службу поддержки Blinkist. Мы доступы по адресу Условия обслуживания: Политика конфиденциальности:



  • Крайне не удобное для использования приложение+всего 1 статья для прочтения.

    От Dmoscowbak1987
    Крайне не удобное для использования приложение+всего 1 статья для прочтения. Остальное платно, как всегда
  • The charged me without asking

    От Polya0191991
    I did not like the AI voice - impossible to listen. Also they charged me almost 100$ after the trial version ended and i was not able to cancel the charge, because i simply forgot and the app did not ever ask. Wrote them an email - no answer, not even tried to communicate and give me back my money! I don't want yo listen to artificial voice!
  • Same as others

    От Грустный космос
    And a little bit scammaz. They hope you will forget to cancel subscription before trial ends. Bad business model)
  • Всё коммерцианализировано

    От Amphyxs
    Весь контент приложения платный, нет возможности для ознакомления. Цена, также, неприемлема.
  • So many books, so little time...

    От Big Bo 12
    I love the app overall, although a bit expensive. The narrators are great. The main setback for me is no “repeat” mode for a specific blink. Are you considering it? Additionally, can’t find narrator name anywhere... may be it would be useful to make a search by narrator as well?.. Thank you!
  • Bug still here

    От GhadeerJd
    After a recent update, the once-light app became very heavy and laggy, often freezing and closing when opening the app or moving between the different sections, please fix it!
  • Please

    От Fоd
    Please add Russian!
  • Blinkist

    От vsemozetaleksey
    Красивый дизайн. Приятная и качественная озвучка. Интересные темы для прослушивания.
  • I deleted app, but you took my money

    От teceai
    I deleted your application as I don’t needed, and somehow AFTER that you took my money from my bank account without any questions. How I can get them back as I don’t need your application?
  • Great app, great materials! Have a suggestion

    От @macuser
    App quality and content quality is really good, thank you! I have a suggestion around pricing and demo stuff. Lemme choose any one blink to a book I’ve already read for free - that would be a great demo, as daily free blinks are about new books (to me), and I don’t know how good they represent actual book content.
  • Все хорошо, но...

    От Volklim
    В целом все отлично, даже в формате FREE можно читать одну статью в день (до полуночи, после блочится). Уважаемые разработчики, сделайте возможность удалять статьи которые уже заблокированы
  • ignorant support service

    От tovinces
    support service remains silent after 5 weeks, three followup emails and two phone calls. Best of luck with improving your customer service.
  • Бизнес книги без воды

    От NickTln
    Почему-то многие считают, что всё должно быть бесплатно. На мой взгляд, за знания, которые могут вас всесторонне повысить, нужно платить. Отличное приложение с ценным контентом.
  • Crashes when I log in

    От ÆXua
    Via Facebook account.
  • Comment

    От Кириллио
    Expensive, but very useful, helpful and just amazing app! Thank you!
  • Russian

    От evgeniiyn
    You are perfect !)❤️ please add Russian language 🙏🏻
  • Payed subscription- return request

    От ipiminov
    Dear Product Team, I’ve downloaded app and accepted free one week trial. Despite the fact that I didn’t use app this period and not confirmed the payment, amount was charged and payment executed. Kindly check from your how I can return paid amount.
  • Ооочень классное приложение

    От nefa
    Очень всё здорово, но очень дорогая подписка...
  • Free is not free

    От Btodskiy
    Once again. If the app offers trying free books, why is is not really free. I have to subscribe for 7 day free trials, BUT, I have once again confirm the readiness to pay after 7 days. Dear Product team, if you offer free reading let us read free, without pushing us. First I would like to test the app, 3-4 books, after that I decide does it deserve to be paid and does it fit me.
  • Too complicated and greedy app

    От Shsksksksks
    Very difficult onboarding with FB. If it is free plan, do not touch my money, do not push me to pay you any plan. If it is free for 7 days, leave free, do not think what happen after. Your reader will come back if your app deserves. It is my second try, and second fail with your app. Thanks
  • Absolutely amazing idea and App!!

    От Raw application
    Must have!
  • Всё платно (((

    От Hi! I need help
    Приложение - удивительное, но платное. Пожалуйста, сделайте что-нибудь для таких, как я. Я готова смотреть рекламу каждые 2 минуты. Главное сделайте приложение доступнее! Пожалуйста! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
  • Everything great

    От dimmko
    Thanks for fixing “look up” feature.
  • Amazing app. Would highly recommend to anyone who wants a better life

    От Azizbek Avilbekov
    I am in a free 7 days trial now and enjoying this app everyday. Its a hell of a lot interesting things to read in there. As a non-native english user I see in it an english teacher which is not merely teaching me english but also educates in different ways. The only thing that bothers me about this app is its price for premium subscription. I am not saying its not worth of its money, conversely, it worths every penny or maybe even more since its giving you a priceless asset-knowledge. But is there any possibility that there will be some discounts for students who seek knowledge but not always have a dime in their pocket for that? With all respect to developers, a fan of their creation.
  • It is unacceptable!!!

    От Макспрнп
    Dear developers! I did not mean I need renewal of subscription. I removed application the same day and it is clear misrepresentation of the shopper when you automatically write off money for the whole year. Check, I deleted your application. Return my money!!!!
  • Нет бесплатного функционала

    От zapletnev
    В приложении отсутствует бесплатный функционал, все книги платные. Сразу бы делали платное приложение.
  • The app that has change my life

    От AstandaAiba
    To be honest, I do not spend lots of my time in front of the books, because we live in the society, which is changing every time, and we should rush. But this app helps me save my time along with being aware of the information contained in awesome books.
  • 👎🏻

    От New Punisher
    Бесплатная программа в которой абсолютно всё платно
  • A great app!

    От Kost19
    Very useful and simple. I read it every day. Boost my English. And learn something new and interesting. Highly recommend!
  • Low quality content

    От crookookoo
    The level of insight in summaries is extremely shallow, you’re better off reading Wikipedia + Goodreads reviews. I bought subscription and it’s certainly not worth the money.
  • You are ugly thieves

    От DenisIgorevich
    You have just stollen my money, I did not give any agreement to buy 1 year subscription, I hate your app and give me my money back!!!!
  • Was charged for 1y subscription during free trial period

    От Kovalevsky_S
    Team, it’s unacceptable. Can’t believe AppStore allows it to happen. Please fix it & return my money.
  • Scam scheme

    От Kenny_Chaplain
    Automatically purchases full year subscription for you (5990 rub) without any confirmation. After that the trust is completely destroyed, even if the service might be useful.
  • Очень хорошо

    От 000000x00
    Прекрасная библиотека саммари, все симпатично выглядит, но удобство и стабильность приложения требуют доработки. Из всех альтернатив выбрал именно этих ребят и нисколько не пожалел.
  • Scam!

    От ErikErnest
  • Будьте внимательны! Пробный период - 3 дня потом спишут деньги

    От Serko3d
    Эти ребята после 3х дней использования их приложения автоматически списывают абонентскую плату по полной программе - 5400 за год! На моей карте сумма была меньше и они не смогли получить деньги. Теперь эта тварь не даёт мне обновлять мои приложени и скачивать другие приложения. Никак не могу отменить подписку или отменить оплату. Пробовал многое, даже написал в тех поддержку. Пока всё по прежнему. Что мне теперь делать? Покупать и отменять? Зачем весь это гемморой устраивать? Почему нельзя просто отменить оплату?
  • Refund

    От Alenkii15
    How can i get a refund?I bought a subscription for month but only after several days was purchased for the whole year!though I find your app very useful,I don't need a year subscription!!!!
  • Fix fix fix IOS app

    От Arz31
    Awesome platform but is not flawless. When I listen to blinks it keeps stopping for no obvious reason and does not remember the part where it stopped it’s frustrating
  • Great app, but crashes after login

    От Nastya Rai
    Pls fix it, app crashes after login via facebook connect
  • Too many defects

    От !Рената
    The content is quite good but the app contains too many defects. Almost every feature is buggy in this app including access unlock after you purchase subscription.
  • What happened?

    От Vecbut Elena
    Doesen't work after the last upgrade! I can't even open it! 😠😠😠
  • Great work! Saves time and space

    От Сергей Панарин
    Great summaries - it saves a lot of time. I have out one of my paper books when I found the summary on Blinkist ;) So it's not just about time - it's also about free space in your home.
  • Great app!

    От Liza🐨
    Just a great product, no negative comments!
  • Super

    От Maria Kazarez
    I would give 6 stars out of five, to be honest - the summaries are very well written, the app is fast and never fail down. Amazing!
  • Trial period is messed up a bit

    От sokolovmailb
    Trial is activated by following link in the email which lags a bit, so be aware.
  • interesting idea, but...

    От vladis7
    will you have a week trial and monthly subscription?
  • The best ever app

    От Mental-NV
    I think I will know everything at the end of the year. Also It's a great app to improve English because you can read and listen to a lot of interesting books!
  • New app is terrible

    От constk
    Almost unusable for listening audio versions. Almost nothing works good.
  • So far I like it

    От SimonKulkov
    Not any book you can find here, but some of the most popular from business, marketing, psychology and self-development you can find.