Транжира - Контроль бюджета

Транжира - Контроль бюджета

Разработчик David Reinman

  • Категория: Finance
  • Дата выхода: 2013-04-24
  • Текущая версия: 4.4.0
  • Adult рейтинг: 4+
  • Размер файла: 55.45 MB
  • Разработчик: David Reinman
  • Совместимость: Требуется iOS 12.0 или выше.
Оценка: 3.05424
1,014 Рейтинг

Описание приложения

бесплатное приложение для ежемесячного бюджета, предназначенное для отслеживания ваших бюджетов с помощью простых в использовании инструментов, таких как настраиваемые категории. Добавьте доходы и расходы, чтобы отслеживать ваши ежемесячные расходы. Включите приложение для составления бюджета и приложение для отслеживания расходов и установите ограничения для каждой категории, чтобы следить за своими расходами и планированием бюджета. Спендер создан, чтобы управлять моими финансами легко и удобно. Возможности приложения: - Бесплатное приложение для управления капиталом - Трекер для отчетов о расходах и доходах - Добавляйте примечания к каждой транзакции - Итого месячный баланс - Пользовательские категории и балансы - Отслеживание бюджета и ежемесячный планировщик бюджета - Отслеживание расходов и сравнение ежемесячных расходов - Синхронизация учетной записи и доступ в Интернете - Персонализировать категории доходов и расходов - Виджет для быстрого ввода Политика приватности: http://spender.me/privacy.pdf Условия использования: http://spender.me/terms.pdf



  • Powerful, easy, useful

    От Татьяна Дубовицкая
    If knowledge is power, then knowledge about your personal finances is financial power. That's what Spender gives you: knowledge about your money, and that's powerful. It also removes delusion and illusion when it comes to knowing how rich (or not) you are. If more people were truthful and sober about where they really stand financially, it would be a better world, and fewer people would be complete idiots about their financial situations. Be warned, though: if you can't stand the truth and stark realities, then Spender may not be for you.
  • Great personal finance app

    От Вадим Казанцев
    I love Spender and have been using it for many years. I do have a suggestion about the Budgets page in the mobile app. Would your team be able to mirror the Budgets page so it looks similar to the desktop version? The Budgets page in the mobile app doesn’t have the budgeted line for income and the tile with “budget-expenses=available balance to budget.” It would also be great if you can add a line with unbudgeted expenses in the bottom as well like the desktop version. I appreciate any follow-up.
  • Great

    От Болат Болат
    I really like Spender, you can track bills, your credit, and it breaks down what you are spending. I love the weekly breakdowns, I find it really helpful to see exactly what I am spending my money on and which category has the most spending. I also really like that you can set budgets in the app for each category of spending and then see if you are over or under your budget. The only downside is that it has a promo page marketing credit cards, which isn’t the best to advertise on an app to help you manages your budget, bills, and credit.
  • Essential app can't live without it

    От Жұбандық Тасқалиев
    Never have I used a financing aid as religiously as I use Spender. It's been such a relief to have an app that can track my spending for me and the little suggestions are a blessing especially me being a fresh meat to the world as a college student. Such a useful and particularly amazing app. Good look. Spender should create a tracking subscriptions tab if it’s not too much to ask. I use another app to track them now but it’d be so much easier to have it all in one place. I don’t wanna track them under bills because I handle those things differently.
  • Не устанавливайте это г. С каждым обновлением все ниже и ниже плинтуса

    От Lucius_78
    Гении разработки. Вы бы сначала нормальное приложение сделали. А потом уже пытались на этом зарабатывать. Давно ли у нас 1 число является последним числом месяца? Почему все записи за 1 число уходят в статистику предыдущего месяца?
  • Проблема первого числа

    От Doktorweber
    Каждый месяц первого чтсла данные не записываются
  • Love Spender - great aggregator and budget keeper

    От Ольга Анатольевнаhl
    A friend recommended Spender. It took awhile to get everything set up. Mainly because it forced us to pull all out account information together which was a great exercise. We remembered accounts we hadn't thought about in years! We love having everything in one place. The first 8 months we used it to track spending. Now we understand our averages and are better able to stick to the budgets we set. Love it!
  • Glitches

    От Шегеда Таня
    This is a great app I’ve been using for years. Love it and can’t live with out. But there are glitches from time to time. You would expect to reconnect to certain accounts all the time (due to “trouble connecting”). It’s not a huge deal but it does get annoying over time. In the past two days, I found that you can’t click on CATEGORY can change it. It’s annoying because Spender doesn’t categorize it correctly every time.
  • Almost perfect!

    От Леонид Дмитриев
    I love this app. I can have a consolidated view of all my bank accounts, credit cards, investment accounts, etc, with a real time budget tracking tool that keeps you always up to date with your financials. However, for one my accounts, Citibank/Costco credit card, even when it says updated a few minutes ago, it does not show transaction details since November last year. Other than that, this app is perfect and works great!
  • Суммы не отражаются в сводке операций за месяц

    От Вдосенька
    При вводе сумм операций за апрель, они отражаются в расходах за март. В сводке операций за апрель нет операций, распределённых по категориям расходов. Ваша программа после обновлений стала только хуже работать.
  • One Of The Best Financial Management Tools.

    От Олюшка Щуховец
    Spender is a wonderful money management app. By linking my various bank accounts, credit card accounts, and even student loan account I can get an accurate view of my financial health and well being. Spender updates transactions and account activity frequently. The information from these updates can easily form the basis for a monthly budget. I would 100% recommend Spender to anyone who wants to better manage their finances.
  • Must Have!

    От Дмитрии Соколов
    This app and desktop version of Spender are both outstanding. All of your bills, accounts, finances, investments, budgets, and goals in one place makes it super easy to manage and stay on top of things. It’s hard to visualize how much you spend when all the accounts are separated, but you get the big picture right at your fingertips using Spender. Love this app and would recommend to anyone trying to get their finances in order and under control.
  • Gained Financial Confidence

    От Вячеслав Шестаковvq
    This app is the most useful budgeting software out there. It’s brainless now to think of something as simple as a budgeter like this one, but it really helps to have all of your income and expenses on one page to really put your finances in perspective. No more worrying and struggling about what you owe and when things are due. This is the one stress reliever everyone needs in their life no matter how independent you are when it comes to financial security!
  • Intuit account regwall?

    От ира кашкадамова
    Been a satisfied Spender user for many years, but recently they’ve forced an Intuit login screen requiring login across all intuit properties (including quickbooks which I’ve never used and never would). Even worse than that awful product decision, the login isn’t even working for my credentials so now I’m blocked from using the product entirely. Considering exploring other options at this point
  • Good Finance Tool

    От Алиса Кавуненко
    Spender is perfect for tracking your spending patterns, setting up spending budgets based on categories and setting up saving goals. It has definitely curved my frivolous snack + fast food spending. I was a bit skeptical about inputting my sensitive personal and financial information, but know it seems it was the best first step to money management. I even opened a high yield savings account and started investing. I just regret I didn’t start sooner.
  • Great for both Seniors and millennials

    Spender is simple to set up and an valuable way to get a comprehensive snapshot of all relevant financial data in seconds. I have identified fraud charges (even before my bank alerts), identified & cancelled unwanted subscriptions, and the property valuations are fun to watch the values go up. I would like to be able to add UBS Wealth Management as an account, but I will keep trying to request the connectivity. Well designed and stable financial app.
  • Happy with this app since 2008!

    This is so convenient for my daily life! I get my bills paid and my statements automatically populate as soon as they’re available! Even after this app went through a couple name changes, the service has maintained consistently valuable. I customize how often I get notifications, what type of notifications are important to me and where I get them!! Simply amazing. ??
  • Love it so far

    От Любовь Косатенко
    Just got it, but so far it seems really easy to navigate! I was able to quickly add my accounts and see everything going on. I first had my rating at 3 stars because I didn’t like how things were in order but, when I look a minute to look, I noticed that you can change the order of things. Definitely sharing it with a friend!
  • Great for creating a budget

    От Раяна Магомадова
    Trying to create budget yourself is really tedious and annoying. I’ve usually found myself avoiding it for WAY too long and end up wasting needless money. With this I can thoughtlessly monitor my spending. At the end of each pay period I just open Spender and everything is there for me to see. I can clearly and easily see where I need to cut back. It’s great!
  • MUST HAVE APP - For Everyone with a bank account...

    От сабина марченко
    I've worked hard and didn't need to budget but after a recent setback at work I needed to watch what I spend. This app helped me identify areas of overspending, areas where I can save and helps me identify where my money is going. I've saved at a faster pace after using this app. Easy to use, safe and puts your financial life in perspective.
  • Best free personal finance app out there.

    От Александр Климук
    I was a QuickBooks user for years… But the more I used the Spender app I was convinced that I didn't need to spend the money or the effort on QuickBooks anymore. Spender is a totally comprehensive personal finance solution that works with all of my banking institutions. Because this product is made by Intuit I have total confidence that all of my information is private and secure. At this point, I couldn't live without my Spender.
  • Control your cash flow

    От Ксения Галыгина
    This is a great financial tool to look at the money coming in and out, exactly where it goes and how much you’re putting into each account. I must say, this serves no purpose without a BUDGET. Budget is key to have control over where your money goes. I love that Spender shows accounts for my wife’s expenses as well and keeps each other accountable for them.
  • Проблема не устранена!!!

    От Sem888
    После обновления 4.4.0 к сожалению проблему не устранили. При входе в приложение и внесение суммы не возможно вносить в РУБЛЯХ, очень не удобно, любую другую валюту возможно установить которая потом конвертируется в РУБЛИ, а сами РУБЛИ обратно как было до изменения не установить(( помогите пожалуйста!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼 я устал всё вносить в другой валюте и конвертировать в рубли, просто АД КАКОЙ-ТО 😔😭😭
  • Perfect App to keep track of finances

    От Карина Мироноваhv
    This app showed me everything I need. I am not that great at saving along with paying my bills on time and I needed help without hiring a financial advisor and things of that sort. It also helps me keep track of my credit score to show what I need to work on. I even had my boyfriend download it so we can get better at our finances. ?
  • Still crashing

    От Вера Кузьминаhd
    The new update hasn’t fixed the crash on startup issue. It also takes >3 minutes for my accounts to update and the app won’t show refreshed account information, even when manually pulling for a refresh and the data has been pulled from the banks (it shows on the web tho)
  • Spender is great, app is meh

    От Яна Мигай
    I love using Spender, I have every account right in front of me, always. That being said, the app is not as good as I expected. It still shows all the info, but it seems cluttered. And my biggest pet peeve is how it randomly shuts off sync device calendar so that I can have all of my bills in the calendar. It's annoying to have to continually turn it back on.
  • Love this app

    От Оксана Сабынич
    I love this app! I’ve had it for years. But the latest update wasn’t the best. Used to be able to see all my accounts in one page without scrolling. Now I have to do drop down menus and stuff and scroll and can’t see all my accounts on one page. I hope it goes back to being user friendly. Thank you for all you guys do!
  • Organized

    От Гриша Карапетян
    I love having all my financial information in one place. I can see where my spending is without having to check multiple accounts. It also organizes everything into categories so I can really see what area of my life I’m spending the most money in. I can also tell if I overspent in a month or actually saved some money
  • I love Spender.

    От Алёна Грицан
    I’ve been using the Spender app for years now. Initially, I took my time and meticulously added all of my assets, bank accounts, credit cards, bills, etc. It took a little effort, but it now has everything I “own” and “owe” listed; and I check it daily. With my first cup of coffee in the morning, I can glance through Spender app and see if anything at all is amiss with my personal finances. In this age of worry over having one’s identity stolen, or being hacked, or scammed, or whatever, I find this morning exercise to be very reassuring when I see that my bottom line is where it should be. And it only takes a moment with Spender! Thank you. I’ll give FIVE STARS when the apps budgeting improves a bit.
  • Starting fresh!

    От Иван Ивановnu
    Life threw me a curveball and I was in a place where I had to start from scratch. Spender has been has been an amazing tool to help me regain control of my finances and keep my spending in check. There are a few things that could be easier to do on the app, like creating new categories, but overall I couldn’t imagine my life without Spender!
  • Impressed

    От наталья коняева
    We’ve been very impressed with how organized Spender is. All of our budget, investments, loans, everything in one place. We had to go to each financial website to check our investments daily. Now we only go to Spender and get the overall picture or we can break it down and look at each investment. Well done Spender team.
  • The Most Secure

    От Виталий Белевич
    Other apps advertise the same resources but Spender is the original and most secure. They offer reports with graphs, you can download spending as Exl or PDF (perfect for tax season). You can create budgets and set goals for paying off debt. You also get free credit score reporting through Spender. I’ve been using Spender for 10 years, it helped me become financially successful.
  • A lot Better

    От Валентина ИВЧЕНКО
    I always had Spender and it really wasn’t as helpful as it is today!!! Now I can load all my bills all in one view now I can keep up with my bills and never be late to pay and I also love that doing so is improving my credit score !!! Now all they need is to add feature to move funds from bank to PayPal. Thank you for improving!!!! Love Spender!!
  • Website needs help

    От Евгений Барановmu
    Stopped accepting my password (although it was never changed) then after I went through the process of creating a new password I have been unable to get that to work either. This is probably the fourth or fifth time this has happened. Spontaneous without reason.
  • Easy to follow, use & understand

    От юми пакимон
    For those of us that want a simple, easy to use finance app, this is the perfect one. I tried Quicken and iBank before this and they took so long to enter all the details for each transaction that after a while I just gave up on them. This app is extremely intuitive and informative.
  • Easy to navigate UI and tons of capabilities

    От Лена Быковская
    The title says it all. Spender is great for people trying to get a grip on their finances. All you have to do is set budgets and goals, add your bank accounts, and Spender does all the work of tracking your spending for you. Easy peasy. This app is definitely worth a try for those looking for a simple way to manage their money.
  • Unbelievable

    От роман максименков
    I cannot believe all the features in this one app—I have looked everywhere to find a program like this, and it does it all in real time. Setting it up was easy and I have bank accounts, credit cards, PayPal, etc, so I know exactly what I am spending. Love, love, love it. I still in learning mode, but the more I do, the more impressed I am.
  • Tracking at its finest

    От Любовь Спажева
    Awesome app, allows you to see all your spending and provides analytical information on what you may need to pull back on when spending waaaay too much money! My favorite -being able to see those pesky finance/interest charges so you can pay off those higher credit limit cc.
  • Wonderful app, would recommend !!!!!

    От Валентин Моторкин
    Has made managing our finances and life much easier. Transactions and overview up to date is great as my husband and I can see where our finances are all times, when we go for meals or using debit.. It is simple to use and best app out there for pulling everything together for us.
  • Helps organize your money

    От Евгений Бахов
    I was skeptical at first, but I learned to love it. It keeps you accountable for how your spending and helps you improve your financial outlook. No one likes to admit that $5, was a waste. Now, I check Spender several times a day, and think about how I want to save and how better to spend and save my money. Best app ever!!!
  • Get this app

    От Кристина Савинова
    I recommend this app to basically everyone I know. It’s super helpful for managing your finances all in one place. Keeps me on top of my bills, aware of the state of my student loans, and on track of my savings goals. My only wish is that there was a “goals” tab in the app. The desktop version is much better for this.
  • Helpful

    От Валентин Лобанов
    I find this app rather helpful. It’s doesn’t have too many bells and whistles which is fine with me, just condenses all of my financials into one, which gives me a much better understanding of my spending limits. Also shows me the totals in credit cards and loans, which is pretty great. Overall, it is worth the download.
  • So useful!

    I honestly love Spender! The Spender app works just as well as the website. I can log in and check on the status of my accounts, transactions, credit score, and budgets all in one place at my finger tips. If you are not a Spender user, you should give it a try. If you are a Spender user and do not have this app, what are you doing?!? Get it!
  • Love This App

    От Ирина Шашацкая
    Once you get your budget set up, this app is so easy to use! I find myself being able to just spend about 10 min a day checking my automatically loaded transactions and making sure I’m staying in budget! Takes the stress out of managing my money! Way to go Intuit, Spender is a great money budgeting App!
  • User Friendly

    От Татьяна Мишарина
    The process to create a login and password is simple. It is amazing how little time is needed to add all of your accounts from various institutions. I adore the “saving goal” features. This app allows you to see all of your finances in one secure location which saves time and brain ache to determine if any changes to your personal finances are needed. I recommend the app to anyone that is interested in knowing their net worth and interested in managing their finances in a quick and safe manner.
  • So convenient.

    От Лехич Серяков Алексей
    Spender is incredibly useful for my finances, and it’s incredibly unnerving if I don’t have it. It’s the best app for keeping track of multiple accounts and managing your budget. I love that I can make goals and keep track of them, as well as categorizing my income and expenses from ALL of my accounts in one place.
  • Love it

    От Елена Емельяноваxn
    Love the ease of use and quick loading of all my financial accounts. Obviously it has credit advertising within the app but it isn’t pushy, and doesn’t affect the usefulness of the program. I’ve put this on my kids phones to monitor their financial health and fraud risk as well. LOVE IT
  • Spender is great!

    От Александр Коноплин
    It really helps keep my spending in check. It’s easy to set up as well. Push notifications let me know when I go over budget on something and it gives me reports when I’m near my spending limit. Great tool for anyone that needs to track personal finance or trying to save $$$
  • Pay attention to your credit

    От Петр Кислов
    This does not combine all 3 major credit reporters so make sure you keep that in mind while trying to establish a better life for yourself You get one free credit report per calendar year look up “ annual credit report “ But to start and learn what you need to fix in your finances is key to being a functioning member of the economy .