Percent Mate Calculator

Percent Mate Calculator

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Описание приложения

With it's +/- buttons, Percent Mate allows for quick calculation adjustments and instant result updates. By fine tuning the inputs, the solution responds accordingly. This concept is also known as scenario planning or WISA (What-if Scenario Analysis). Percent Mate is suitable for every percentage-related calculation you could possibly need - like - vat/sales tax, - gross/net, - tipping, - margin, - growth, - fraction, - discount, - interest (both for debt and savings), - weight changes, - tolerences oe - measuring accuracy (eg. speeding) FIGURE THIS - Stepper: Change all the values in self-defined incremental steps to fine tune the solution - Rounding: Supporting .00, .000 and .0000 - All input fields invertible (plus to minus and vice versa) - Color Customization: Choose from 16 text colors to match your mood and style - Big fonts for easier reading - Free Bonus: online calculation examples on our website SIMPLY ELEGANT No keyboard distraction. A custom keypad slides in for editing the values - or you can use the steppers alternatively. THIS IS 100% FOR YOU We've prepared some useful tips for the usage of Percent Mate to get quickly started. Learn more about Percent Mate on our website: AND, THERE'S MORE See also PM for iPad or PM for Apple Watch.